Kelly Barnett

3 Reasons To Work With A Third Party Logistics Service

Competition for customers is high in today's marketplace. Business owners must do everything in their power to minimize cost while maximizing product availability and customer satisfaction. One of the tools that you can utilize to help increase your company's profits is a third-party logistics service (3PL). A 3PL has the potential to transform the way you approach order fulfillment in the future, allowing you to focus on expanding your brand.

Online OSHA Construction Safety Training Courses

Verbalizing the proper way to use equipment and the threats associated with overlooking safety standards can require several instructional sessions, especially if you tend to hire temporary workers or if you have a high turnover rate that results in needing to recruit new members for your construction team. An online OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training course is comprehensive and engaging and can be completed at a time that is convenient for each worker.

Speeding Up Your Productions With Industrial Robot Solutions For Automation

There are processes in your business that may be time-consuming and repetitive. These are the ideal areas to upgrade your operations with the right automation solutions. Today, there are many options for industrial robots that can help improve these areas and make your business more profitable. The following industrial robot information will help you add automation to your operations: Basic Robots for Repetitive Tasks The first area where industrial robots can be used for the needs of your business is where there are simple and repetitive tasks.

Santa Viewings Within Your Store That Are Socially-Distanced

If you are going to be limiting interactions with a hired Santa, due to the current pandemic, you may be interested in some alternate setups that will allow youngsters and their loved ones to observe Santa as he prepares for the holidays. Decide how a Santa Claus character will be implemented at your business and interview some actors who have real beards. An Enclosure That Depicts A Scene A Santa Claus impersonator may be flexible and willing to perform alternate duties than the standard meet and greet sessions that are typically conducted in malls and stores nationwide.

Tips For Successful Water Well Drilling For A Commercial Site

If you have a small business and need a well drilled on the property for various water activities, be responsible about this drilling process. For commercial water well drilling to go on without major hiccups, take the following precautions in the beginning.  Find Drillers That Are More Than Capable If you don't know a lot about commercial wells and the various steps involved in installation, then you need to hire a professional company that does.