How Liftgate Delivery Services Can Help Companies Without Loading Docks

If your business doesn't have access to a loading dock, then you'll probably need to use liftgate delivery services when having large cargo dropped off. These services give you a lot of important things.

Support Heavy-Duty Cargo

If you're having heavy-duty cargo dropped off at your site that doesn't provide access to a loading dock, then you can't just unload these materials by hand. You need something special to support all of the weight, and that's what you'll get when you use liftgate delivery services.

A company will have a liftgate on the back of their trailer that features powerful hydraulic mechanisms, which will lower the liftgate down to the ground with your cargo on it. Even if it's heavy, the liftgate will still move down gradually until it reaches the right distance for you to easily move the cargo into your facility.

Professional Monitoring 

Even though the liftgate will be the system moving your cargo down to the ground in a controlled manner, there will still be professionals on both sides of the cargo to make sure it doesn't tip and fall over. An accident with moving cargo wouldn't be good because it would probably cause your cargo materials to be damaged.

Well-trained professionals will make sure this doesn't happen even if the liftgate is just dropping down a short distance. Once the cargo is off the liftgate, you can move it around your work site however you please.

Controlled Hydraulic Movement 

The last advantage of using liftgate delivery services is the hydraulic components lowering this liftgate to the ground will work in a controlled manner. It won't cause any sudden movements that make your cargo move around a bunch and potentially fall off the liftgate.

There will be a trained operator manipulating the hydraulic controls too, making sure your cargo reaches the ground safely while a support crew watches both sides as mentioned above. That should give you peace of mind throughout this delivery experience, even if you plan on having really expensive or fragile cargo delivered directly to your work site by one of these delivery companies.

If you're without a loading dock, it's a good idea to try this service whenever you have heavy cargo come in. As long as you partner up with an experienced liftgate delivery team, nothing bad will happen while your cargo is lowered to the appropriate ground height based on how your property is set up.