Tips for Using a Staffing Agency

Are you thinking about using a staffing agency for your business? If you are thinking about using an agency to recruit new employees, this is a great idea. Getting someone to help you staff your business will give you more time to focus on growing your business and ensuring employee satisfaction. If you're wondering how the entire process works, here is a look.

Make Contact

The first thing you will need to do as an employer is to research all the potential agencies in your industry and select the most suitable one. Once you have done this, you can then tell the agency about the role you will be employing for. Let the agency know how soon you would like to have new employees recruited. You will also need to inform them about the responsibilities of the job and the salary package that will be offered.

Before you hire a staffing agency you should find out how much they will charge you. Many of them charge a percentage of the hired employee's wages. You can always negotiate if you find the price to be too steep. However, some may have strict rules about their fees.

The Job Description

Once you have given them all the relevant information, the staffing agency will then create a job description and start advertising for the position. If they already have candidates in their portfolio they will reach out to them and inform them that there is a job opportunity available.

Vetting of Candidates

When the agency starts receiving applications for the job they will begin to review the applications and then shortlist suitable candidates. Once they have selected the candidates they will then present them to your hiring team. If you are a small business they will present the candidates to the business owner.

Interviews and Selection of Candidates

The hiring team or the business owner will then interview all the candidates. The final decision on who to hire is left up to you. Once you have selected the best candidates for the job you can then allow the staffing agency to handle any paperwork associated with the hiring process. This may include contracts, payment of taxes, and payroll.

As you can see, a staffing agency can save you a lot of time. The recruitment process can be a tedious one. Hiring professionals who understand your industry can make finding new employees a lot easier. To learn more, contact a staffing agency today.