Online OSHA Construction Safety Training Courses

Verbalizing the proper way to use equipment and the threats associated with overlooking safety standards can require several instructional sessions, especially if you tend to hire temporary workers or if you have a high turnover rate that results in needing to recruit new members for your construction team. An online OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training course is comprehensive and engaging and can be completed at a time that is convenient for each worker.

Safety Standards That Comply To Statewide Mandates

There are many safety courses to choose from, and each one encompasses a list of safety standards that pertain to specific equipment. If your construction crew is divided up into groups and each group is responsible for using certain types of equipment, you will have the option of choosing multiple courses.

Each course will cover the essentials necessary to keep your crew members alert and safe while actively using equipment. Some examples of online training courses include electrical safety in the workplace, confined space safety, and class C operator safety.

There are also refresher courses, which can be completed bi-annually or annually. Each course complies with construction regulations that are mandated statewide and will include a number of hours that it will take to complete the training.

First Aid, CPR, And COVID-19

There are alternate courses that do not pertain to actively using machinery or installing electrical components. Accidents can occur, even if everyone on a construction site is paying close attention to what they are doing and follows the safety standards that they are taught.

If an accident occurs due to a medical emergency or the failure of a piece of equipment, it is essential that your crew members respond quickly and safely. First aid will go over the basics necessary to assess an injury, dress a wound, and seek professional medical care.

A CPR course will aid with helping someone who is struggling to breathe until an emergency responder arrives. COVID-19 training will teach your construction crew about the risks associated with the current pandemic and will provide information about how to reduce germs within the area where a project is taking place.

Training may include learning about the proper sanitizing techniques for equipment and what type of gear to wear and use while completing a construction project. Mix and match courses for your crew or sign up for new courses after hiring someone who will be working on an upcoming construction project.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers online construction safety training.