Santa Viewings Within Your Store That Are Socially-Distanced

If you are going to be limiting interactions with a hired Santa, due to the current pandemic, you may be interested in some alternate setups that will allow youngsters and their loved ones to observe Santa as he prepares for the holidays. Decide how a Santa Claus character will be implemented at your business and interview some actors who have real beards.

An Enclosure That Depicts A Scene

A Santa Claus impersonator may be flexible and willing to perform alternate duties than the standard meet and greet sessions that are typically conducted in malls and stores nationwide. A plexiglass enclosure or a storefront display can be used for demonstration purposes that relate to the holidays.

Decide how you will dress up each area, including the inanimate and animate objects that will be displayed in either one. Maybe, you can hire a real beard Santa to wrap gifts while seated inside of a plexiglass enclosure or have the Santa actor wave at people who pass by your facility's glass storefront. With either setup, decide how many hours you will need your actor to work and the exact duties that he will be responsible for, prior to interviewing potential candidates.

A Greeting That Is Given From A Stage

If your store's interior is spacious and you have plenty of extra room that can be used to add a stage, envision your actor verbalizing a greeting at the top of each hour that your business is open. Clear an interior section of the store. Choose an area that is located near an interior wall. Move racks and shelving units, to supply plenty of room for visitors to observe Santa as he is standing or seated upon the stage.

Use artificial snow, a tree, and wrapped packages to decorate one portion of the stage. A makeshift sled can be used as a seating area for the Santa Claus character who you hire. Plan the speech that you would like the Santa to announce during each hour. During the interviews that you conduct, request that each individual stands on the stage and speaks through a microphone. Throughout each assessment, pay attention to how each actor sounds.

Request that each interviewee also sits down inside of the sled. Upon hiring someone to play the part, you can ask them if they are agreeable to having their picture taken during the publicity event. Photos will make nice mementos for anyone who visits your store during standard shopping hours. Find a real beard Santa for hire today.