You Should Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Kitchen

Nobody ever plans on having a kitchen fire. You probably take standard precautions to prevent a fire. Still, there is always the possibility of an accident. If a fire should break out, having a fire extinguisher on-hand will make all the difference. You can put the fire out before it has a chance to spread and cause substantial damage. But buying and using a fire extinguisher in the kitchen can be a little more complicated than you would think. Turn to these tips to guide you.

1. Look for an ABC fire extinguisher. 

There are so many different types of fire extinguishers out there, and it's easy to get confused when browsing the aisle at your local home improvement store. The best option for a kitchen, though, is an ABC fire extinguisher. This is three classes of fire extinguishers all wrapped up into one. The powder inside the fire extinguisher will put out type A fires, which are caused by paper and wood, type B fires, which are caused by liquids and gasses, and type C fires, which are electrical.

Buying one multi-purpose fire extinguisher is better than buying three separate ones. When a fire breaks out, you don't want to have to waste time figuring out what's burning and which extinguisher you should use.

2. Put the extinguisher somewhere obvious.

Fire extinguishers are not exactly beautiful, so you might be tempted to hide yours away in a cabinet. But if a fire breaks out, even the few seconds that you have to spend remembering which cabinet the extinguisher is in, and then opening the cabinet, can allow the fire to spread. Keep the fire extinguisher mounted on the wall or on a shelf where you or someone else can grab it in an instant.

3. Review how to use the fire extinguisher.

Having a fire extinguisher is only helpful if you know how to use it and are able to grab it and use it promptly as a fire breaks out. Review the PASS method every couple of months to keep these instructions fresh in your head. PASS stands for pull the pin, aim, squeeze, and sweep. Make sure everyone else in your home knows how to use the fire extinguisher, too.

Hopefully you now know a little more about buying, keeping, and using a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. You may never need to use it, but it will be there for you if you do. Contact companies like County Fire Inc. to learn more.