3 Ways You Can Use Propane After A Hurricane

If a hurricane is going to be affecting your area sometime soon, you probably want to do what you can to make sure that you and your family are prepared. Buying propane is one good way to prepare for a hurricane. These are just some of the ways that you and your family can make use of propane if a hurricane hits your area and causes power outages.

1. Running a Generator

Purchasing a propane-powered generator — whether you choose a whole-house generator or a portable generator that can only run a few things at a time — can be a great way to prepare yourself and your family for hurricane-related power outages. Just make sure that you stock up on plenty of propane for it and that you learn how to use it safely.

2. Powering Your Household Appliances

You may not have to discontinue the use of your household appliances due to a hurricane-related power outage. If some of the appliances in your home use propane, such as your water heater, stove, oven, and dryer, then you can continue to use these appliances. Then, you will be able to enjoy some of the regular comforts that you are used to, and you can use your generator to power other appliances. Plus, there are benefits to using propane-powered household appliances all year long; for example, many people find that they are more environmentally friendly.

3. Firing Up Your Outdoor Grill

After the storm passes, you might be ready to spend some time outdoors. If you have a propane-powered grill, you can take it out to prepare meals for you and your family. This is a good option if you rely on electricity to run your stove, oven, and other kitchen appliances and if your power is out because of the storm. Just make sure that you wait until the weather is clear before you head outside to use your propane grill.

As you can probably imagine, stocking up on propane before a hurricane can be a smart idea. If you have other uses for propane or if you just want to be fully prepared, consider having a propane company deliver a large propane tank to your home. When you have it filled, you'll have access to lots of propane. Otherwise, you can purchase or rent smaller propane tanks and keep them on hand in case your family needs them after a hurricane or other disaster.