Signs That Are Important Inside Of A Community Sports Arena

If you're the facilities manager for a new community sports arena that is about to open, signage will be an important task for you to tackle before local residents can start to enjoy your space. There are several outdoor signs, including the main sign on the building, that you'll need to order, but don't overlook the necessity of indoor signs, too. Of course, you'll want signs that identify each of the areas in the arena — Ice Pad A, Ice Pad B, and so on — but you'll also need to consider a variety of other signage that will make the community sports arena suitable for everyone. Here are some examples.

Directional Signs

Many community sports arenas are vast buildings that stretch tens of thousands of square feet. You want new visitors to be able to navigate the building as easily as possible, so a variety of directional signs positioned in key areas will be critical. You'll want signs with arrows that point toward the different ice pads, change rooms, offices, canteen, first aid room, and more. Tour the arena and look at the different areas that these signs will be applicable. It's important to have such signage inside each of the entrances, but also in different corridors.

Prohibited Area Signs

A community sports arena has some areas that pose a danger to people, especially children. The maintenance area, for example, can be hazardous to enter, while the path that the Zamboni uses to drive from its storage area to the ice pads is a space that you want kept clear of people at all times. Posting signs that alert visitors to the facility's prohibited areas isn't just about keeping them safe. These signs are also valuable in limiting your liability in the event of someone trespassing and getting hurt.

AED Signs

Every community sports arena has a number of automatic external defibrillators mounted on walls throughout the facility. In the event of someone experiencing cardiac distress while on the ice, a quick-thinking person who knows first aid can retrieve one of the AEDs and possibly save the person's life. Signage that directs people toward the AEDs can be just as important as these devices, because without these signs, people may be unaware of where to find the nearest device. Mounting these signs so that they're always in sight from wherever anyone is seated or standing can legitimately make a difference in keeping your arena's users safe.