3 Convenient Service Options To Offer Your Self-Storage Customers

Modern self-storage customers want the best service for their money, but sometimes the place they choose to store their items will look most attractive because of convenience or the extra services they have to offer. If you are the owner of a storage unit business, there are certain things you can provide that make your self-storage business more appealing. Here are a few convenient service options to consider adding to your operation. 

Self-Storage Check-In Services

Those who place items in the storage units at your place of business may not stay within the same city, and some may rent a unit for years and rarely ever get to come back to check on their belongings. Offering a self-storage check-in service will give these customers peace of mind while they are away from their belongings. You can offer to grab a quick video or a few pictures of their stored items when asked so a customer will know their things are still safe and sound where they left them. Some storage owners offer this service for free, but you could also charge a minimal fee as well.

Hand Dolly Rental

There can be some pretty large items going into storage and coming out of storage, so many people could benefit if there are hand dollies available for rent from your storage facility. These things make it much easier to handle things like furniture and appliances, and best of all, they are not all that expensive to invest in, so you can pick up several that can be kept at the office. Charge a small fee for the rental of the dolly by the day or hour, and make sure you have at least a few available for customers to use. 

Rest Area 

Moving is a ton of work, whether you are moving to a house or moving stuff into storage. It is a wonderful gesture if you have a rest area on site for the people who are working hard to get their things into your storage units. The rest area doesn't have to be all the extensive — just a few tables at a covered pavilion will do. However, make sure there are cold drinks available at a drink machine and maybe even snacks from a vending machine. Your customers will greatly appreciate a place to grab a cold drink and stop and rest. As an added advantage, you will generate a little more money from the sales of snacks and drinks. 

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