Tips To Help You Handle Maintenance And Repairs For A Healthy Home Sewer System

The plumbing in your home is an essential component to everyday living and a keeping a healthy life. Without indoor plumbing, you only need to look back through history to find out what would happen. To ensure the plumbing inside your home remains in good working order, there are some everyday cleaning tasks you can complete and some general home maintenance and management to keep your plumbing working well for you for years. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.  

Make Drain Cleaning a Regular Task

As you keep your home clean each week, you can take some time to do simple cleaning tasks to your drains and plumbing lines. When you use natural products versus harsh chemicals, you don't end up putting corrosive chemicals into your pipes. Over time, this can damage your pipes and lead to further damage.

Vinegar is a natural acid, which you can use along with baking soda and hot water to clean out the scum, grease, and soap build-up inside your pipes. Scoop several spoonfuls of baking soda into your drain then add some vinegar until the drain emits bubbles. As soon as the bubbling stops, pour a pot full of boiling water into your drain to clean it all out along with any build-up.

Hire a Professional Plumber, When Necessary

There are times when plumbing situations arise within your home that you cannot clear out on your own or prevent with all your maintenance efforts. Sometimes your home's plumbing lines naturally age and deteriorate or nature grows into them in the form of tree roots and the pipes become damaged and need a professional repair.

For example, if your home is an older home with sewer lines dating back to the turn of the last century, you may encounter a plumbing clog that occurs because the line has collapsed, cracked, and allowed tree root growth into its interior, or the line is badly corroded from age. You will need to call in a professional plumber to inspect, clear out, and possibly repair the line if needed. They will be able to inspect the line interior before excavating your yard or cutting into your home's interior walls.

If your home's plumbing lines need repairs, your plumber will identify the problem and discuss repair options and cost. To help cover the repair cost, you may consider buying additional sewer line coverage with your homeowner's insurance to cover your sewer line from your home to the city sewer connection, especially if your home is older. This section of your home sewer line is normally not covered under a regular home owner's insurance policy.

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