3 Things To Understand About Working For An Employment Staffing Agency

If you need a job, and have been struggling to find one on the open market, you should consider working with an employment staffing agency. Employment staffing agencies like to find highly qualified candidates that they can establish long-term relationships with. Employment staffing agencies offer more opportunities than many people realize.

Types of Assignments

Many people wrongly assume that staffing agencies only offer low-skilled positions. This couldn't be further from the truth. Staffing agencies work with all kinds of employers in the local community, from low-skilled to medium-skilled to highly skilled jobs. They work with companies that need labors, office workers, and technically skilled workers. You can find a wide variety of assignments by working with a staffing agency.

Type of Pay & Benefits

Another assumption many people have about staffing agencies is that the pay is low and that no benefits exist. This is another false assumption. In order to find employees who have the right skill set and will satisfy the needs of their clients, staffing agencies offer very competitive wages. Oftentimes, temporary employees earn more than the permanent employees at the company they are assigned to. Temporary employees are paid well because they are filling positions that need to be filled in order for the company to function properly.  

Working for an employment agency doesn't mean you have to give up benefits as well. When you work with a staffing company, you are often entitled to vacations, holidays pay, health insurance and even sometimes retirement plans. These benefits are usually offered through the staffing agency itself.

Flexibility of Work

When working with a staffing agency, there is a high degree of flexibility with work. With temporary or contract work, you can let the staffing agency know if you want to work full time, or if you are only available to work specific days of the week. This can be really helpful if you need a more flexible job.

As far as assignments go, assignments could be for a day or for a year, although on average you'll find most temporary positions last a few months. Since the staffing agency generally knows the length of your assignment, they can work with you to ensure that you have another job when your current one ends.

Working with a staffing agency can allow you access to a wide variety of jobs in different professional fields that offer flexibility, good pay and access to solid benefits.