3 Tips For Securing Farm Insurance

Farming the land can be a rewarding way to generate income. Since most farmers sell the products of their labor to the public, having the right insurance policy in place is essential when it comes to protecting their assets and financial well-being.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you secure the most effective farm insurance to protect your property and business dealings in the future.

1. Be honest with your insurance agent.

As you work to secure an insurance policy to protect your farm, it's important that you are completely honest with your insurance agent. You should compile a list of all the activities that will take place on your farm so that your insurance agent can accurately assess your insurance needs.

Be sure to include both planting and harvest activities, as well as any entertainment options that you want to provide to the public (like a pumpkin patch or corn maze). These business activities will have varying coverage needs, so being honest about them will help your insurance agent design a policy that will provide you with maximum protection in the future.

2. Evaluate your insurance policy regularly.

Once you obtain an insurance policy, it's important that you take the time to review this policy regularly. While the coverage may have been sufficient when the policy was secured, your coverage needs can easily change over time.

If you invest in new equipment, add another crop to your planting rotation, or opt to diversify your income with additional agricultural entertainment options, then your existing policy might not be equipped to meet your new insurance needs. Review your policy with your insurance agent after any major changes to ensure you have adequate coverage at all times.

3. Become familiar with the exclusions section.

Most farm insurance policies will contain an exclusions section that exempts certain activities or assets from coverage. These exclusions can vary from one insurance company to the next, so it's important that you take the time to become familiar with the exclusions section in each of the companies you obtain quotes from.

When you know what is in the exclusions section, you can select the policy best suited to meet your farm's long-term insurance needs.

Securing farm insurance is essential when it comes to protecting your assets. Be sure that you are getting the right policy by being honest with your insurance agent, evaluating your policy after any major changes, and looking over exclusions to identify the policy that will provide your farm with adequate coverage in the future.

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