Tips For Shipping For A Low-Waste Subscription Service

Subscription box services are becoming a norm. Everything from makeup to food to healing crystals has a monthly service available to send out products for subscribers. This is a great way for businesses to advertise and for those who are interested in the boxes contents to get a sample without having to make a big purchase. If you run a low waste subscription box, you will have consumers who are interested in entering a low or zero waste lifestyle. This lifestyle will need to be reflected in the boxes content and the box itself. Here are some ways to pack and ship the low waste subscription service box:

Wrap things in reusable grocery bags

Though wrapping paper is a wasteful product you will need to wrap up your products at times in order to keep them stable. Instead of wrapping paper or other soft shipping products, you can use reusable grocery bags to hold the items. Reusable grocery bags can be used to carry items in and out of stores and they can be used to transport lunches, extra clothing, and other products when necessary. Reusable bags help zero waste households transport items without having to utilize plastic. These are always a welcome way to wrap products. 

Use compostable shipping boxes

There is no way around sending a subscription box in a box. Fortunately, there are choices of compostable and biodegradable boxes to ship products. Most zero waste households utilize compost piles in order to break down natural and organic materials to be used outside on the ground or in a garden. Select custom shipping boxes that can be composted and broken down. Some compostable boxes can be put directly inside of a garden or inside of planters to break down over a short period of time. Discuss this option with your custom shipper to make your box zero waste. 

Print all instructions on a washable napkin

Being low waste means using paper only when absolutely necessary. Instead of using paper for instructions on your box, you can print the instructions on a reusable napkin. Your users will be able to wash off the instructions once they are read and reuse the cloth napkin to clean, act as a diaper for a baby, or even use in quilting. Napkins are used daily in low waste households to clean, in place of disposable napkins, and many other wiping tasks. Napkins with instructions are a clever way of inserting yet another sustainable need. 

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