Painting As A Franchise? How This Business Op Works

Everything from daycares to fast food restaurants have become franchises. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you when you see an advertisement for a painting franchise. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, you do not need any artistic talent for a painting franchise. This is a business opportunity (or "op") that takes house painting and/or commercial painting to the next level. Whether you already own your own painting business, or you want to invest in a business that sounds easier to run than a fast food joint, here is how this business op works.

Find a Parent Company You Like and Trust

Even though you are acting as an independent business, a franchise investment still requires that you adhere to company rules, ethical and moral standards, and professional attitudes. That said, you want to find a parent company in the painting business that offers franchise opportunities. It should be one that you like and trust, or you may have some falling outs with the company that could cost you your investment.

Compare Investment Costs

Different painting franchises have different initial investment costs. It is akin to buying into one of the five top fast food burger joints; the more recognizable it is, the more expensive it will be. Of course, if you buy a more recognizable and higher-priced painting franchise, you are probably going to get more business because people recognize the company brand and what it stands for.

Contact the Parent Company

You cannot purchase any franchise without speaking to the parent company first. That said, once you decide which painting franchise you want to purchase, you have to contact the parent company. The representative on the phone will set up dates and times where money and company property can exchange hands.

Make Your Purchase Final and Then Open Shop under the Company Name

Once you have finished purchasing all of the intellectual and physical company property needed to operate as a franchise, you can open your doors under the company name. Some parent companies allow you to modify the name slightly, such as "Bob's American Painting" versus "American Painting." If you want to do that, make sure you have cleared it legally with the parent company before you personalize or modify the company name. If you have to find an actual shop or office out of which to operate, you should do this before you finalize the purchase of your franchise.