Using A Self-Storage Space For Your Catering Business

If you operate a catering business, you may be hard pressed to find storage for all of your items. From sets of dishes used at formal events to insulated food carriers, there's a lot of equipment that goes into running a catering business. Here are a few ways you can store your items neatly in a self-storage unit:

Food Carts And Carriers

Food carts and carriers should be completely emptied, washed, and dried before going into storage. This can help to prevent attracting pests to your storage unit, and it can also help to prevent food from spoiling inside. Line up wheeled carts along one wall of the storage unit, and place any insulated food bags on top or inside of the carts. Ice buckets and beverage carts should be completely clean and dry as well, and any lids you have for these items should be securely in place to prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.

Dishes And Cups

You can store dishes and cups in special storage crates, which can be purchased online or from catering supply companies. Because these crates have open designs, you should consider covering them with plastic sheeting to keep them protected from dirt and debris. You can add storage cabinets to the unit to store the crates of plates inside. With this option, you can arrange each dish design on a different shelf to organize your different dinnerware options.

Cooking Implements Whether you use hot plates to warm up batches of food at catering locations or you use portable grills and griddles, you'll need to have these items stored neatly in your storage unit. Ensure each piece is completely clean before you put it in storage, and then place them all on baker's racks. Baker's racks offer a great option for caterers because they can be used to transport food from kitchens to catering vans or to dining rooms, and they also make a convenient storage supply organizational tool.

Food Storage

Take care with placing consumables in your storage unit, as these items may be better stored in your commercial kitchen. If you do store non-perishable foods in your storage unit, be sure to follow all regulations you would in your kitchen to ensure you are storing your foods properly in between catering jobs.

Take the time to organize your catering supplies so they are easy to find when it's time to get ready for your next catering job. For more information on starting a catering business, go to this site!