DIY Bait And Tackle For Your Next Fishing Trips: 3 Tips To Making Flies That Attract The Fish

Getting the bait just right is important if you want to catch a fish. The satisfaction of catching a fish with tackle you have made yourself is even more exciting. Fly fishing can be used for all sorts of sports fishing, in fresh water and salt water. Flies are also easy to make. There are a few techniques that will help make your lures successful. Here are some tips to help you make the flies that attract fish for your next fishing trip:

1. Choose the Right Hooks for The Type of Sport Fishing You Are Doing

Depending on the type of sports fishing you are doing, you will want to use different sized hooks and lines for making flies. If you are fishing for trout, small hooks are great, but making your flies too large can scare fish away. For larger fresh water fish such as, white bass or salmon, you will want to use hooks that are a little larger than what you would use for trout. If you are planning on fly fishing in salt water, you will want to use larger treble hooks for this type of sports fishing.

2. Use Material Colors That Are the Same as The Prey of Larger Fish

The colors of materials you use for flies is also important. Sometimes, it is not only the colors that match the prey, but also the color of the environment during certain seasons. When the leaves change colors on trees for example, fish often bite lures of orange, yellow and reddish tones. This is probably due to some insects that also camouflage themselves to ward off prey. Other things that can affect the colors that attract fish are things like the habitat around them. For salt water fish for example, fish that prey on animals around reefs are likely to be attracted to bright colors.

3. Use Designs That Resemble Bait Fish, Shrimp and Insects for A Variety of Flies

When you are miles from shore on the ocean, it is unlikely that any fish is going to hit fresh water flies. The fly-lure is only a type of tackle and can resemble other animals fish prey on. Make a variety of flies for different types of prey that fish feed on, which you can use for both fresh water and salt water sport fishing environments.

With the right colors and textures, you can land your next big catch with lures you made yourself. If you are ready for your next fishing expedition, contact a sport fishing charter service, like Riptide Charters, to tryout your handmade flies.