A Quick Guide to Moving Supplies That You Need Before Your Next Move

Given that many people believe that moving can be classified as one of the more stressful events a person will ever experience, it's important to remember that the use of some new supplies can make moving easier. Since not knowing where your pajamas or your toothbrush are your first night in a new home can make a stressful event even more so, organization is essential to the entire process.

Access to the right moving supplies is a big part of that, as is protecting your items and home from accidental damage. By extension, it's a good idea to consider using some of the following items for your next relocation.

Totes, Boxes or Other Storage Units

One of the most important things that you can do to make the move easier is to be sure that you have access to your most essential belongings in the days after your move. That includes basic toiletries, food items, medications and changes of clothing for every person or pet in the home. You can opt to use plastic totes, bags or other units in a specific and hard-to-miss color that are then kept separately from all of the other items being moved.

In many instances, it is useful to transport those items personally, so you can be sure of where it can be found when you need it quickly.

Protective Gear for Your Furniture & the Corners of Your New & Former Home

When you first walked through your new home, it was probably in immaculate, pristine condition and free of wear and tear. The people buying your old home were likely to have expected the same when they found your home for the first time. That means that it is very important to be sure that no new damage can occur, even if it's quite minor, during the moving process.

One way to do so involves the use of special padding that can be used on sharp corners of items being moved to prevent damage if accidental contact with the walls occurs. Similar products can be applied to the protruding features of built-in components of the home, such as banisters, countertops, and shelving, to prevent similar damage due to the items being transported.

In addition, floor runners can be used to protect flooring from scuffing and moving a dresser into a closet is often much easier if the furniture is wrapped or uses sliders, even if there is very little extra space to do so. A carpet film protector is also useful, particularly if you have many friends or professionals who may be moving quickly helping with the move.

In conclusion, boxes, tape, and markers are some of the more obvious and basic moving supplies. However, there are many other items that can help you to stay organized and enjoy an easier move. As a result, it's wise to consider adding one or more of the above moving supplies to the list of items you must have for your next move.